Pear + Brie Snack

Pear + Brie Snack

Want a quick snack that will make you feel fancy even though it is the easiest thing ever (if you have the ingredients that is)? I love brie – on its own, on baguette, with honey, with fruit – you name it. So one day when I wanted a snack I saw that I had a pear, a baguette, and some brie in the fridge. All I did was slice up some of the bread, cut up the pear, and put them together as I ate. It doesn’t look that aesthetically pleaseing because it was just a quick thing I put together for myself, but it was delicious! I added some grapes on to the plate too.

Pear + Brie Snack
Pear + Brie Baguette
Pear + Brie Baguette 1

If I was making this as an appetizer for other people I would definitely make it look prettier, but since this was just for me it worked!

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