Beef & Potato Empanadas

I love ordering empanadas when I’m out at a Spanish or Mexican restaurant but I have to admit the types of empanadas I’ve eaten are limited to chicken and beef with cheese and I’m sure there are loads of varieties. So when I saw that in a local Spanish grocery store they were selling empanada wrappers I decided to pick up a pack and try making my own filling! I saw a few different recipes for ground beef and potato filled empanadas and I thought that would be a delicious recipe to try as well as something different from the chicken and beef I’m always ordering.

I used this recipe from The New York Times and changed it up. I made the recipe a lot more basic, basically!

First, I got all my ingredients ready. I minced my garlic, diced onion, and got my oregano ready. I also cut potatoes into cubes, not pictured. Then, I browned ground beef with some oil.

Ground Beef + Potato Empanada - Ingredients

Once most of the pink was gone, I added in the potato, oregano, onion, and garlic. Once that cooked for a bit, I added in tomato paste and then chicken broth.

Ground Beef + Potato Empanada - Filling
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada - Filling 1
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada - Fillng 2
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada 3

Once the chicken broth cooked off, I took it off the fire and let it cool a little. I got my empanada wrappers out, spooned some of the filling inside – careful not to overfill them. I folded them closed and made the little fork marks around the edges.

Empanada Wrappers
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada 1

I brushed the empanadas with egg wash and then put them in the oven.

Ground Beef + Potato Empanada 2
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada 4
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada 5
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada 6
Ground Beef + Potato Empanada 7

So easy and extremely tasty! The original recipe had a lot more spices and also included chorizo so my version is a lot more basic but I love it! I really need to make these again soon since looking at these photos has my mouth watering. Perhaps over Thanksgiving weekend I can make them again!

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