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January 2018 Favorites

Can you believe it’s already January 31st? The first month of 2018 is over and there are a few things I loved this month.

My first favorite is a rediscovered product. My NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Powder  in “Pink Cheek Glow”. I’ve had this for a long time, but recently pulled it back out and remembered how much I love it!

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face PowderNYC Color Wheel Mosaic Powder - Pink Cheek Glow

After the new year, I got the iPhone 8 and Verizon included a Morphie charging base with my new phone and I love it! I just have to lay my phone on it for it to charge and what’s great about it is that it will only charge your phone up until it’s fully charged and then it will turn off so you don’t over charge your phone. As someone who charges their phone over night this is great for me.

Another favorite for me has been my June Jacobs Lip Renewal that I got over the summer. I’ve been on/off sick for pretty much the whole month (fingers crossed I don’t get the flu!) so my lips have been a bit dry despite how much water I’m drinking so this lip renewal has been great since it’s thick and moisturizing.

Morphie Charging Base + June Jacobs Lip RenewalMorphie Charging Base + June Jacobs Lip Renewal 1Morphie Charging Base + June Jacobs Lip Renewal 2Morphie Charging Base + June Jacobs Lip Renewal 3

Did you watch the David Letterman interview with Barack Obama on Netflix? I really enjoyed it and not to get too political on here, but I miss hearing a [former] President talk that speaks in eloquent, coherent sentences!

Spin Magazine - Obama & Letterman
Spin Magazine

My last favorite is another show. I’ve been rewatching The Office on Netflix from season 1 and forgot how funny it is. It’s been so long since I’ve seen these episodes so they’re especially hilarious.

The Office

That’s it for my January favorites! What are some things you loved this month?

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