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I haven’t been ice skating in years, but it’s such a fun winter activity. I’ve only ice skated in an outdoor rink once, but I have gone indoor ice skating many times. I’m not a great skater, but I can make my way around the rink without falling. When Polyvore had an ice skating style challenge, I thought it’d be fun to put together a winter look.

I love this winter jacket! I haven’t been in to bubble jackets since they were popular when I was in high school. But this jacket is quite fitted so I think it actually looks good. I love love love the multicolored bubbles or panels. It makes the jacket look so cool and the color pop so bright against the white jacket. If this jacket didn’t cost $600 I’d definitely buy it!

Next up, these velvet floral fleece lined leggings look so stylish, warm, and comfortable! Leggings are a great bottom for ice skating as they can easily tuck inside your skates.

And lastly, bright pink earmuffs not only keep your ears warm but are so cute and look great with the white jacket!

Do you like to ice skate?

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