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My Visit to Island Spa & Sauna

A few weeks ago Island Spa & Sauna invited me to celebrate their 3 year anniversary. Never one to pass up an opportunity to go to a spa, I immediately said yes! They invited me in and offered me complimentary admission, meal, and drink. To celebrate their 3rd anniversary, they are offering all of you a free admission ticket with the purchase of any 60 minutes (or longer) spa service. And let me tell you, it is worth it! Despite this spa being just 20 minutes from me, I had never been. I’d heard great things and seen it when I drove by but never went myself. I documented my time there through iPhone photos and thought I’d share with you my time there from start to finish – well almost the whole time there anyway!

Island Spa & Sauna

When I arrived, I was greeted at the check-in counter by Fiona, my Island Spa & Sauna contact. She showed my friend and me around and Fiona and the staff were very friendly. When you arrive and check in, book any services you want (the saunas and baths are free with admission, but additional spa services are things like facials, massages, body scrubs, etc.) you are given a wristband with a key. The wristband has a barcode on it that is linked to your admission. This is genius because it streamlines everything. You can leave your wallet in your locker and all your reservations and payments at the food court, juice bar etc. are charged on your band. The wristband includes a key and you first go to the little lockers next to the check-in desk to leave your shoes. No shoes are allowed behind the lobby.

Island Spa & Sauna - Shoe Locker

Next, we went in to the locker rooms to leave our belongings and change in to the uniforms (a shirt and cropped pants). Through the locker room you can get to the different baths and hot tubs, which I didn’t go in because you have to be completely naked for those so I was like “yeah, no thanks”. There were a lot of naked people in the locker room, of all different ages which more power to them for not feeling self-conscious! My friend and I changed, took our towels, and went to explore. As soon as we walked out in to the main area of the spa we were both in awe of how huge the space was. Seriously, it is sooo much bigger inside than we could have imagined!

Island Spa & Sauna 3Island Spa & Sauna 1Island Spa & Sauna 2Island Spa & Sauna 5Island Spa & Sauna 4Island Spa & Sauna 6Island Spa & Sauna 9Island Spa & Sauna 10

Island Spa & Sauna - Food Court

The space is giant. There’s a juice bar, lots of lounge seating with a nature scene playing on the huge screen, all different saunas that offer different things and have different temperatures.

  • Treasure Island uses semi-precious stones and crystals for great healing and calming powers. It’s also the hottest room so we did not go in there!
  • Charcoal Island stimulates sweat glands to release built-up toxins, increase blood circulation, and strengthen the body’s resistance to disease.
  • Salt Island uses pure Himalayan salt will strengthen your cardiovascular system and increase blood circulation, flush out impurities, and release dead skin cells.
  • Forest Island is dry wood sauna is a perfect soothing and invigorating refreshment for the mind and spirit that also provides many benefits to your physical health.
  • Clay Island uses Korean baked clay which is a natural mud that assists in the heavy metal detoxification process to eliminate the body of impurities and waste.
  • Ice Island helps bring the core body temperature down, closes pores, and tightens the skin. By finishing with this ice sauna, blood circulation will improve and overall well-being will be restored.

My friend and I did Salt Island because when we walked around it looked to be the lowest in temperature aside from Ice Island. And yes, Salt Island was the “coolest” room and it was still 133 degrees!

Island Spa & Sauna - Salt Island Sauna

This is the only sauna we went in to, but next time I go I want to try to make my way around to all of them to make the most of it.

Ice Island wasn’t as freezing cold as I thought it would be, but it was a nice refreshing room of cold air.

Island Spa & Sauna - Ice Island 1Island Spa & Sauna - Ice Island

Aside from the sea of loungers and assortment of saunas, there are also lots of little pod areas where you can sit and relax. I saw a few different groups of people playing cards and others lounging with their iPads! I guess people pay the admission and then spend the whole day there just relaxing, getting treatments done, spending time in the sauna, eating, and just hanging out. There is even a sleeping room!

Island Spa & Sauna 8Island Spa & Sauna 7Island Spa & Sauna - Sleeping Room

My friend and I both made appointments for services. She got a 30 minute body scrub and I did a 30 minute aromatherapy massage. Her scrub was near the baths through the locker room, but my massage was upstairs. In different corners of the spa is the check-in desk for the services. There’s a skincare corner and then near the juice bar was my check-in for the massage. When it was my appointment time, I was led upstairs to my little room and was given a nice, relaxing massage.

Island Spa & Sauna - Skin CareIsland Spa & Sauna - Massage

We met up after our appointments back at the loungers, relaxed for a few, and then made our way over to the food court for some delicious dinner. I ordered the bulgogi and it was so good!

Island Spa & Sauna - BulgogiIsland Spa & Sauna - Bulgogi 1

Overall, we had a fabulous time at Island Spa & Sauna! I definitely want to go back. Don’t forget, you can get a free admission ticket with the purchase of a 60 minutes or more spa service during their anniversary sale which runs from July 13-July 15.

Island Spa & Sauna is located at 1769 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, NJ.

Thank you again to Island Spa & Sauna for a great and relaxing evening!

*I was given complimentary admission to the spa, but all opinions are my own.*

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