Being a More Considerate Person in the New Year


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With the new year, many of us intend to turn a new leaf and lead a more positive lifestyle. But this year, why not make your resolutions revolve around helping others rather than helping yourself? Make your resolution to be a more considerate person! Here are a few steps that you could take in order to achieve this!

Check In On Loved Ones
It’s pretty easy to get caught up in our own hectic lifestyles. Chances are that you feel run off your feet most of the time – you have work to complete, social commitments to stick to, household responsibilities, and you really do want a little alone time to relax and recuperate at the end of all of this. It’s not all too surprising, then, that we tend to forget or neglect people who don’t actively impose themselves in our lives. Sure, we get around to replying to messages that we receive, but if we have loved ones in our lives who aren’t connected to social media or very good with tech, or who are a little more introverted, they may get left by the wayside. So, make sure to check in on all of your loved ones from time to time. If you have elderly loved ones in your life, pop in for a drink and a chat. Ensure that they are living a good quality of life and consider seeking out assisted care for them if they are struggling – you can learn more about CDPAP here. If you have a shy friend, consider facetiming them and catching up on what’s going on in their lives. Make a conscious effort to make time for people!

Live a Greener Lifestyle
We are becoming increasingly aware of how detrimental human activity can be for the planet that we live on. The smallest changes to how we live our lives can make all the difference, so why not try living a greener lifestyle? Start out with small changes. Start recycling, use energy saving light bulbs, take reusable bags to the store rather than constantly using new plastic bags. These steps are easy to implement and can reduce your impact on the earth and everything that inhabits it. The more you get into things, the more changes you might want to make. You might end up taking on an environmentally friendly and ethical plant based diet. You might fit solar panels to your property. You might opt for an electric vehicle. The possibilities for improvement are endless!

Carry Out More Acts of Kindness
It’s easy to be kind and it doesn’t cost a thing. So, carry out more acts of kindness. Whenever you see someone in trouble or struggling, consider whether there’s a way that you can help them or alleviate their burden. Help people with pushchairs to alight from trains. Offer your seat to elderly, disabled, or pregnant individuals. Purchase a hot drink for a homeless person you pass. These small acts can make the world of difference to the individuals that you are helping.

These are all small changes to your everyday lifestyle, but they can make a profoundly positive impact on those you engage with and the world that you live in. So, consider incorporating them into your routine for the new year!

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