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Black Tie Front Sweater Dress

I finally saw Avengers: End Game yesterday morning and it’s true – it did not feel like a 3 hour movie. It was full of action, sad moments, funny moments, and everything in between. I really liked the movie, although there were a few things I would change personally! But I won’t get in to it here in case you haven’t seen it yet. It was a great cap to an amazing franchise and I hope there will be more Avengers movies in the future. But not like, reboots because that’s lame, but I mean a continuation with some of the characters/superheroes. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and let’s just say Game of Thrones better not be too emotional tonight because I would be seriously emotionally drained!

Anyway, I’m here to talk about this black tie front sweater dress that I wore last weekend. It’s technically a dress but as you can see I’m wearing it here with cropped leggings underneath. Why? Because after I put it on and was about to leave the house I realized it was see-through! Good thing I did one last check in the mirror! The material, while ribbed and technically a “sweater” dress, is very lightweight and thin and basically see through. The top half was okay and you couldn’t actually really see anything, but the bottom was a different story. You could totally see my underwear and right through the material! So I had to wear the leggings, which was fine because it ended up being a bit chillier and rainier than expected that day.

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Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Earrings: LOFT | Shoes: Keds via DSW

I wore my multicolor tortoise hoop earrings and black & white striped Keds slip-ons to complete the look.

Despite the see through-ness of the dress, it is super soft and comfortable so I still love it. It’s a shame that it’s see-through though because I think it’s a great basic staple to have in the closet. Maybe in the summer I could wear it sans leggings with shorts underneath or something. They’d have to be tight, stretchy type shorts so there’s not a bulky outline underneath the dress, but I think that would work. I’ll have to try it when it gets warmer!

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