Muir Woods

Muir Woods & Sausalito

Friday was a slower paced day with a day trip to Sausalito and Muir Woods. It wasn’t part of a tour, just a day trip on our own so we could go at whatever pace we wanted. Granted, we did have to follow the ferry schedule and make it to our reserved shuttle time from Sausalito to Muir Woods.

Before getting on the 10am ferry to Sausalito, we walked around and got breakfast at the Ferry Building. It’s similar to Chelsea Market in New York City (but smaller) with lots of little shops and food places. Mostly artisan. They have one of those old fashioned schedule boards where the letters roll, which I thought was so fun. I love the sound!

Sausalito is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, but we took the ferry across the bay. It was so much warmer there which is so crazy to think about since it’s literally across the bay from SF. When we got to Sausalito, we headed over to the shuttle stop to Muir Woods. If you don’t know what Muir Woods is, it is a national park filled with coast red wood trees. The majestic trees are huge and it was so cool to be back at the national park since I was last there when I was 12. The trees there are hundreds of years old and around 200 feet tall. A ranger who was giving a tree talk said that in Red Wood National Park, a few hours north, the trees there are even older and taller – around 400 feet tall! The trees at Muir Woods looked so massively tall so to think about trees that are almost double the height is just insane to think about.

After spending some time in Muir Woods, we took a shuttle back to Sausalito. We walked around and got lunch before taking the ferry back to San Francisco.

We did some shopping, got dinner in Chinatown (the oldest in North America) and then walked back to the hotel stopping by Union Square to take some photos of the city lights and stores. The Williams-Sonoma flagship store was there, but closed. It looked gorgeous and huge! My thighs were burning from some of the steep streets but I just told myself I was burning some extra calories from all the vacation eating!

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Something I learned about the redwoods. They drink a lot of water and with the California droughts you might wonder how they’ve survived for so long. Apparently, they take in half of their water from their roots and half from the needles towards the top. They get the water from the fog! Knowing this, I wouldn’t complain about the fog messing up my views of San Francisco since it’s helping the redwoods!

A few more days of travel posts to go up and then I’ll get in to what I ate on the trip and what I wore!

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