Tips To Make Your Home Feel More Secure

No matter how big or small your household may be, it is important that you all feel safe and secure in your home at all times. A lot of property owners will be slightly slacker with their security and think that a robbery or damage to their property would never happen, but it does happen often enough. So with this in mind, here are some tips to make your home feel more secure.


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Invest In Your Doors

Doors are probably the most important thing you’ll want to concentrate on when working to make your property more secure. A door prevents someone from gaining access to your home, and the stronger you make it, the better. That’s why having something like a Provia entry door installer is beneficial. A Provia door can be customized to your property and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. A standard lock isn’t as safe anymore as it used to be, so the more locking mechanisms you have on the door, the better. All your doors ideally should be fire doors to help prevent the damage that can come with a fire. Having the right doors and lock system in place can give you that peace of mind needed for when you’re away and you want to ensure that your property is going to be safe and secure when left on it’s own.


Keep Lower Floor Windows Locked

Windows that are higher up are unlikely to be accessible unless there’s a way an intruder can climb up. However, for lower floor windows, these windows can easily be forgotten about, especially when it comes to the summer. We’ll more often than not, have our windows open during the summer and those can certainly be dangerous if forgotten about or if they’re not securely locked in place. It can be easy for someone just to extend the window open enough to get in and to burgle your home. So try to avoid leaving any windows open during the evening and if you are, make sure that they are only open slightly and that they can lock into place to avoid anyone gaining access.


Have CCTV Cameras

CCTV has been around for a while now, and although it comes with mixed opinions, it cannot be denied that they have proved successful in capturing criminals on video and therefore giving the police more evidence to track down these criminals. You can now get plenty of security for your own home in the form of video surveillance, and there are even ones that can hook up to your phone. This can provide you with a great opportunity to keep tabs on your home when you’re away from the property. Whether that’s at work or away on holiday, a video surveillance package is definitely something you should consider getting for your home, particularly if you’re property is located in an area that’s known for high crimes, or it’s somewhere that’s in the middle of nowhere.


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Install A Panic Room

Unfortunately, not all of us have the ability to create a panic room, let alone for it to be comfortably big enough to make it liveable during a time where it would be needed. However, if you do have the ability to install one, then it’s definitely worth doing. If an intruder enters your home, for example and you need to hide, the comfort that would come from having a panic room would be very useful. It may never get used, but just having it as part of the home can provide a lot of comfort to you and your loved ones. Panic rooms can vary in price depending on what the size and requirements are, but it’s certainly worth doing some research because it could add value to your property too.


Outdoor Lights

During the winter months, the nights start to draw in earlier and at night time is when a crime would usually take place. Outdoor lights, therefore, are great to have in your home to signal that someone is in fact home and it’s worth getting them on a timer and to switch on when someone crosses the path of it. Being exposed to light will definitely deter a potential burglar to your property because it draws attention not only to them but to the situation. And on the subject of lighting, if you’re away from your property for any long period of time, it may be worth getting lights on a timer or that you can control through an app to turn them on during the evening. Again, this gives the illusion that somebody is in the property when they actually aren’t. Sure it might cost you a bit on your energy bills but that’s much better than potentially having your valuables stolen.


Get Friendly With Your Neighbors

And finally, we tend to have very little to do with our neighbors nowadays and that’s an opportunity that can be missed when it comes to making sure your home feels more secure. So getting friendly with your neighbors is certainly going to help you when it comes to asking them for favors, like checking to see if everything is ok while you’re away. Neighborhood watch communities do exist, and if you don’t already have one for your neighbors then it’s definitely worth setting one up.


Everyone has the ability to improve the security of your home and even if you think you’ve done enough, it’s certainly worth checking to make sure you’ve included at least all of the above. Invest in high-quality, secure doors and windows and be wary of keeping windows open during the evening. Get some sort of video surveillance installed to help keep your mind at ease and get friendly with your neighbors too. Install a panic room if you have the budget and space to do so and think about getting timed lighting for both indoor and outdoor usage. Think like a burglar and make it virtually impossible to infiltrate your home.

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