How Can Young Men Learn About Classic Style?

From a very early age, women are introduced to fashion and style. How to dress well and present yourself with class and expression is something that young girls are usually taught by their female relatives and or friends. But for men, it seems like this tradition of passing down fashion advice and style tips, has really vanished. Fortunately, the modern world of YouTube and many other outlets allow young boys to see what grown men can or should dress like. When looking at men’s fashion, on the surface it looks easy to understand. Let’s not forget however that men’s high end clothing has been around just as long as women’s classic styles. So the history of such clothing is very rich and incredibly interesting. Sources of information are what young men need. But not just any old information, really detailed and historically correct information.

A weekly gazette
There are a few people out there that are trying to help young men gain more of an understanding into their own culture. One of those individuals is Sven Schneider who runs Gentleman’s Gazette. This is a website and YouTube channel which is dedicated to specifically educating men about classic and traditional style. However it does have a particular American accent to it. Although the philosophies are from Europe, the fashion that is looked at is more so American. Sven after all is based in America. Men who are going off to university, for job interviews or even just to the prom should be pushed to this information source. Many classic Yale and Harvard fashion styles are shared and explained by Sven. Articles about confidence, etiquette and history are also written on this weekly gazette.

Get in the hot seat
Seeing is believing, and doing is learning. Watching content about men’s fashion is one thing but putting yourself in the hot seat is another. One of the best ways for men to grow in confidence about their own style is to have a suit made for them by a tailor. This mens custom suits service is just what someone who is not experienced in men’s high end fashion needs. The tailor works with you to get to know what your own taste, and the measures you for correct fitting. Everything is custom fitted in-house by their expert tailors so you can make adjustments as you go along. 

A Parisian gentleman
For many people, one of the best inspirations for modern men’s fashion is Hugo Jacomet. He’s a Frenchman who started a YouTube channel called ‘Sartorial Talks’. So many young men and boys watch his videos for his in-depth knowledge regarding the history of the suit in every nation. If you have a son, then nudge them in his direction as he makes videos regularly talking about the origin of the suit, what the differences are between French, British, American and Italian suits and also, what kinds of accessories go naturally with high end style.

Young men should be given advice and encouragement to dress well and traditionally. It will serve them well long into their life as knowledge of proper classic dress sense is respected and admired across the world. 

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