Moving? How To Make Your New House Feel Like A Home


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Moving is an occupational hazard of trying to locate the home of your dreams, yet it’s one of the most challenging things you’ll ever have to in your adult life. From informing energy suppliers and redirecting mail, to organizing every small detail, once you’ve done it, you won’t want to go through the experience again.

What makes it worse is the fact that your new house never feels like a home. Sure, you can wait a while to give it a homely feel, but why waste time? With these neat hacks, your new property will seem as if it’s been home for the last decade.


Have A Packing Strategy
Please don’t assume you can turn up to your new house and start unpacking without any preparation. Instead, it’s essential to put in the effort before the moving van turns up on your drive. First of all, a moving company is a vital tool as you can use their expertise to make sure the move goes to plan. Aside from hiring professionals, you will also want to split boxes into categories. By putting the kitchen utensils together and the living room essentials in a separate box, you can easily decide what to unpack first when you arrive. 


And Do It Immediately
There’s a temptation to leave the packing until the next day. It’s been a long and emotional process, so you deserve a rest. Although it’s not nice to continue working even after you get to your new property, it’s necessary. Otherwise, you make excuses to procrastinate and unpack the boxes days later. All the while, the walls are bare and the house has no personality. Whether it’s one box or several, unpacking immediately will boost your judgement of your home. And, because you’ve prepped, you know which boxes to empty to add a sense of character to the place.


Removing stuff from an already bare house doesn’t sound like a smart move when you’re trying to infuse it with your personality. Of course, that implies all the belongings there are yours and that you want to keep them. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that neither of those things is true. If they aren’t, and if big items such as furniture are still there, you will need to get rid of them pronto. While your new home will have fewer belongings, at least they’ll be yours and nobody else’s, which is part of the issue when you buy a property.


Make Use Of The Basics
Decorating is tough when you have zero belongings. Plus, it’s not as if you can magic focal points out of thin air. When sofas and beds take weeks to arrive, you’ve got to get creative with the basics. Pictures and photo frames always work well, but the trick is to decorate with lighting. By shining light onto the features of your home that you love the most, you’ll enhance its appeal instantly. Plants are excellent additions, too.


Do you think you’ll be able to transform your house into a home quickly?

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