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Sharing another flashback Friday today. So many people have been sharing throwbacks lately, back when times were simpler and more carefree. With it about to be Memorial Day Weekend, things are feeling extra strange. Normally, the holiday weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer. Lots of barbecues, people going to the beach, opening up their pools etc. But, here in NJ, we’re still pretty much in lockdown even though very few restrictions have been eased. Beaches are open now, but social distancing has to be practiced and capacity is limited. State parks are open, but again the same restrictions apply. Non-essential retail is allowed to reopen for curbside pickup only – no in-store shopping. It’s all getting very tiring. I haven’t seen my friends in over 2 months! But, I understand. New Jersey and New York were hit with the virus very hard and it’s still not safe yet to open back up.

With everything going on, I’m sure your summer plans are looking different this year. I was supposed to go to Ireland with my family for vacation, but obviously that got canceled. I’m hoping to do some sort of weekend away – like a road trip or something, but it’ll depend on how things are going.

I’m sharing this photo I took in Martha’s Vineyard in summer 2017.

Martha's Vineyard

Look at how clear and blue that sky is! I don’t remember where exactly on Martha’s Vineyard this was taken, but it looks so peaceful. I love the little inlet and the boats just parked there.

I also chose this throwback photo, because the book I’m writing (and almost done with – click here to read) mentions Martha’s Vineyard. It’s actually my main character’s favorite place.

Here’s hoping we can all travel to beautiful places sometime soon!

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