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Hamilton Viewing

I have been wanting to see Hamilton on Broadway for years. Once the majority of the original cast, including Lin Manuel Miranda were no longer in the show though, my desire wasn’t as great. But for a long time tickets were pretty impossible to get and when you could get them they were so expensive! I’m talking hundreds of dollars for an okay seat. So when it was announced that Disney+ was going to be airing a recording of the show from a few years ago I was so excited!

The musical did not disappoint and I’m in awe of how all of the music, lyrics, dialogue could come from one man’s brain. I think my favorite performer of the show is Daveed Diggs who plays Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. He’s so funny and entertaining and his comedic timing is just perfect.

When I was looking up what kinds of foods people were making for Hamilton watch parties that were related to the show, there were a lot of full on meals. I found an article from My Recipes with Hamilton themed food and cream puffs were on the list. Since I had cream puffs in the freezer from the supermarket, I thought that was the easiest thing to eat for dessert during my viewing! I just sprinkled some powder sugar on top and that’s it. But the show is 2 hours and 40 minutes long so you know I had to have some popcorn too!

Cream PuffsCream Puffs 1HamiltonHamilton 1

Did you watch? What’d you think?

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