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Bayside Tigers Sweatshirt

Any Saved by the Bell fans out there? I used to loooove the show and watched it all the time growing up. I remember the show Good Morning, Miss Bliss too and how Saved by the Bell was a shoot off of that. Saved by the Bell was so fun to watch. There were plenty of things that didn’t quite make sense, but whatever I still loved it! Remember when Kelly used the excuse of needing to wash her hair over and over again because she didn’t want Zack to know her dad lost his job and she couldn’t afford to go to the dance? Or when the gang worked at beach club for the summer? I was not a fan of Stacy Carosi though. And remember when Tori was in a season and Kelly disappeared? Why? So many questions!

Anyway, a reboot premiered last week on Peacock featuring some of the original cast members and starring their kids and new characters. Slater is the football coach, Jessie is the guidance counselor. Zack is the governor of California and still married to Kelly. Zack and Kelly’s son and Jessie’s son are students at Bayside. I only watched the first episode and I thought it was okay, but I wanted to watch more to see if I liked it only to find that only the first episode of the season is free and you have to have Peacock Premium to watch the rest! I’m not sure I want to pay for the monthly subscription to be able to watch the show. I’m hoping that eventually it will move to the free portion of Peacock haha.

Anyway, I got this Bayside Tigers graphic sweatshirt last month from Etsy and had to wear it to watch the new show (even if I ended up only being able to watch 1 episode).

Sweatshirt: Etsy | Leggings: Sonoma Goods for Life via Kohl’s (here) | Sneakers: Red Dress Boutique

I love the graphic and this sweatshirt is really soft too. Unfortunately, after I placed this order the shop I ordered it from on Etsy closed and their website isn’t up yet so I can’t link to this exact one, but I did find some other similar ones with good ratings on Etsy!

Did you guys love Saved by the Bell? What are some things you loved about the show or things you also thought didn’t make sense?

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