What’s Hurting Your Self-Confidence?

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When it comes to self-confidence, there is a myriad of things that can affect the way we feel. So, if you’re somebody who struggles in this area, it might be that there is something specific that makes you feel less confident than you want to be. 

Below, are just two issues that can affect a person’s self-confidence. If they relate to you, consider our suggestions and do what you can to build up your confidence levels. 

#1: Appearance issues

When it comes to the way we look, there are a number of issues that could affect our self-confidence.

If we are unhappy about our weight, or if there are problems with our skin or teeth, we could avoid social situations if we are worried about what people will think of us. 

This can hurt our self-confidence further, as by withdrawing from others, we limit opportunities to become more confident. 

There are two ways to look at this if you can relate to this point.

Firstly, don’t worry too much about what other people think of you. It might even be that people won’t judge you anyway, despite your fears. But even if they do pass judgment, remember that the problem lies with their lack of feelings rather than the way you look. You have the right to stand up for yourself so do so if you feel under attack.

Secondly, make changes where you can. You can order veneers online if there are problems with your teeth, and there are all kinds of skincare products out there that can help you with your complexion. 

Check out our other tips on improving your body image if you are suffering in confidence because of issues in this area.

#2: Negative self-talk

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy. Due to experiences we have had in the past, we can let them become our present reality. We might say to ourselves:

“I’m no good at…”

“People don’t like me because…”

And other such sentence starters. 

Our negative self-talk might also be based on what others have said to us. If they call us stupid or tell us we are no good, we can believe their words and repeat them back to ourselves later.

But here’s the thing.

You’re not perfect but that’s okay. The mistakes you made in the past don’t have to define your present reality as there are things you can do to improve yourself. You could improve your skills by taking up a hobby or by going back to school, for example. 

You can also remind yourself of the many good things about yourself. When you start to think negatively, remember the things that you have done well, and bring to mind the many people who do love and value you. Let these be the basis of what you think about yourself. 

Reframe negative self talk with positive self-talk, telling yourself:

“I am good at…”

“People love me because…”

“I can get better at…”

And so on.


What’s hurting your self-confidence? Have we related to your situation here or are there are other issues that are affecting the way you feel about yourself? Whatever the case, do what you can to improve your confidence. Follow our suggestions, look for specific advice online, talk to people who may be able to help, and push yourself out of your comfort zones. When you’re proactive, you will start to grow in confidence eventually. 

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