50 Days of Skating + New Skates

I recently posted on Instagram a Reel of my 50th day of roller skating! My 50th skating day was back in July, but I’m behind on posting skating videos. That’s okay though because I haven’t skated in a few weeks since I had surgery, was recovering, and I’m still not cleared for strenuous exercise yet (not supposed to sweat and get my surgical site wet). However, it’s supposed to be rainy and cool down this weekend (it’s been in the 90s this week) so I’m hoping I can at least get a few minutes on skates this weekend on the porch or garage since it’s been so long!

I’m also hoping I can get a few minutes on skates (just long enough to break the dry spell, but not long enough to sweat) because I got new skates!! I’m still keeping the skates I’ve been using for these 50 skate sessions but now I have another pair to have fun with. My parents bought me a new pair for my birthday and the ones I chose were the Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates in the Watermelon color – a bright pink with green translucent wheels! They’re so fun! But, I haven’t been able to actually skate in them so I hope I can get them on and take a spin this weekend.

Roller Skates: Moxi Beach Bunny via Fritzy’s Roller Skate Shop

I bought my skates from Fritzy’s Roller Skate Shop as I did with my first pair. Besides the fun color and good reviews of these skates, I got them because they have adjustable toe stops which my Chaya ones do not (those are bolt in ones) and that’s what I was looking for. I saw that Urban Outfitters sells these skates so I’ve linked to them below and above earlier in this post. They are more expensive at Urban than at the skate shop so I would definitely check out Fritzy’s too.

So how is skating going? Like I said before I haven’t been able to skate in a few weeks and I’ve mentioned this before but it’s been hard this summer because it’s just so hot out so I think fall is going to be prime skating time for me. I think I’m getting better at dribbles, although since it’s been a while I hope I don’t have to start from scratch. Still working on learning to pivot so I can switch sides during dribbles, but from what I’ve been seeing on videos I think I need to get good at toe manuals to be able to pivot so I’ve been trying to practice balancing on my front wheels. I’ve been working on cannonball, but have not tried shoot the duck yet. I need to work on my flexibility! I also started practicing front dips, which I did not know was a thing until I saw Lala from SkateandGlow do them and I commented on her post saying I’ve always wanted to learn how to do normal dips (going backwards) but I’m not good enough at backwards skating to even attempt dips. She told me to def try front dips so I practice that twice so far and need to post those videos.

Hopefully in my next update I can tell you how skating with these Beach Bunny’s are!

P.S. I’m posting a little compilation of the first 50 days of skating on my Instagram later today!

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