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Think About Your Health As You Age

If you are getting older then you might have heard the saying ‘it’s all downhill after 40’. This is not always the case and there may be nothing to worry about at all. However, you need to actively be involved with your health and wellbeing as you age so you don’t miss anything important. 

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There are many things to think about and remember, here are three of them. 


As you age you need to be more aware of what you are eating as your metabolism slows right down. You need to ensure you are eating a healthy balanced diet that includes all the major food groups. These include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits, and dairy. You need to be sure that your meals contain the right level of vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Just like your metabolism slowing down, your body also starts to reject key vitamins as it ages. You may find it beneficial to include a multivitamin as part of your diet so you get everything that is needed. 

If you are struggling with portion sizes or aren’t sure what to eat you can consult the help of a nutritionist. You could also purchase a portion control plate which allows you to only fill your plate with the correct portion. 

As part of a healthy balanced diet you should also be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, this equates to around 2 liters. Water helps the body and mind function normally and prevents dehydration. 


Exercise is just as important as your diet. You need to carry on with your exercise routine even as you age. Just 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day will help keep your joints supple and mobile. Exercise has also been linked to preventing the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. You could join an exercise class if you are struggling to find the motivation on your own. Exercise classes are also a great way of meeting like-minded people who enjoy doing similar things to you. This could lead to you meeting up outside of class and creating a whole new social circle. 

Gentle exercises could include yoga, swimming, cycling, and even walking. 

Health Checkups 

It is important that as you age you take full advantage of all the health checks that are offered to you. They don’t do it to check up on you, they do it because the risk of developing serious health complications in later life is quite high. Certain screenings are offered to those aged over 50, you shouldn’t put off having these as they can find things early and treat them effectively. 

If you are a woman you may be suffering from perimenopause or menopause. This can be an awful time so ensuring you keep up with doctors’ appointments could help you manage this condition better. If you take a look at what Doctor Taz has to say about this stage you will find some useful reassuring advice. 

We hope this helps you understand how to look after your health as you age. 

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