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Organizing The Perfect Office Party

It is that time of year again: it is time to start planning the office Christmas party to commemorate the accomplishments of the previous year. Being a member of the office party planning committee may be a fun and rewarding profession, especially when you have the opportunity to offer joy to your colleagues. Alternatively, it could fill you with dread as your team becomes embroiled in workplace politics.

Here are 5 tips for organizing a successful and enjoyable end-of-year party for your office that will ensure that your event is great and free of complaints:

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1. Make an effort to be inclusive.

When it comes to preparing an end-of-year staff party, there are a lot of considerations to make, not to mention the tiny problem of trying to please a huge group of individuals with diverse interests! While you will not be able to throw everyone’s perfect party, you may make your event more inclusive by soliciting advice from your employees.

Send out a simple survey using a free service such as Google Forms to evaluate employee enthusiasm for your party ideas, or ask them to nominate a preferred party theme. This is also a good time to find out if there are any allergies, dietary restrictions, or other particular requirements.

2. Plan ahead

If you want to book a venue for your end of year celebration, spring is the best time of year. Due to the fact that most venues are promoting their function packages, it will be much easier to obtain your preferred date and organize activities that will work with your event theme. Waiting until the week before to make a reservation for a dinner for more than 25 guests is a recipe for failure. This is particularly true of the popular haunts and jaunts! Do your research into the best place for a holiday party los angeles.

3. Step out of the office to boost wellness and morale

The results of a 2017 poll of Australian workplaces revealed that office Christmas parties and end-of-year festivities had a good impact on employee and team morale, with 85 percent of employers reporting that this was the case. Make certain that your event is centered on the enjoyment of your employees and that it feels like a worthwhile experience.

So what is the point of organizing your function off-site rather than at the office? Staff members are not given a break from their (at times difficult) work environment by remaining in the office all day. Plan an outing away from the office to provide personnel with a change of scenery while also allowing them to connect with one another on a social level. Consider a site that is either outdoors or outside of the city to provide personnel with a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

4. Help with transport

One of the most difficult aspects of hosting an off-site party is transportation. Some people may need to depart by 3pm in order to pick up their children from childcare or school, while others will want to dance the night away in the clubs after work. It is simplest to select a location close to public transportation and to provide a bus or taxi service to and from the workplace for anyone who has to return to their vehicle after leaving the office site. If your office is located in a bustling neighborhood, you might want to consider a venue that is within easy reach of the office. This also means people can enjoy an alcoholic beverage or three!

5. Make sure there are options for the non-drinkers

Work functions and Christmas parties at the end of the year have a reputation for being raucous occasions with a lot of alcohol. While some businesses may gladly provide an open bar, others may prefer to restrict the number of alcoholic beverages served. Consider providing a diverse selection of drink options, including exciting non-alcoholic alternatives, to provide an enticing way for employees to take a break or avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Providing drink tickets or even asking the wait staff to be more conservative with refills may be appropriate if you need to keep alcohol consumption under control.

By putting these tips into practice, you and your staff will have an end of year celebration that will be remembered for all of the right reasons. How will you be celebrating the holidays with your staff this year?

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