American Dream Mall + IT’SUGAR

I’ve been wanting to go to the American Dream Mall for a long time and finally went for the first time last weekend. It’s a giant mall in NJ that was finally opened around the time Covid started so obviously I hadn’t been. When I say it’s a big mall, I mean big. Besides the normal stores you find at the mall, there is an ice skating rink, indoor skiing and snowboarding, Nickelodeon Universe – which is an indoor amusement park, Angry Birds Mini Golf, an indoor water park, etc.

There were a lot of really cool and pretty things to take care of inside the mall and I didn’t take that many photos, but wanted to share the few I did take. One of the stores I definitely wanted to check out was IT’SUGAR, a big 3 floor candy store so that’s why there are more photos of that store than other parts of the mall.

Masks weren’t required for vaccinated guests, but to be safe I wore my mask the whole time except for when eating lunch and for one photo I took when I first got there when the mall opened and a boomerang I took at the candy store when no one was near me. And we made sure to get to the mall right when they opened. We actually got to the doors as they were being opened. We figured if we go there early there’d be less people and crowds around.

I also thought it was cool that from the parking deck you can see New York City! Side note: You have to pay for parking and it was very confusing, but we eventually figured it out haha.

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