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An Afternoon in Asbury Park

Last weekend I spent the afternoon in Asbury Park with one of my oldest friends. Our original plan was to go to a food truck festival at a winery, but it had been raining non-stop all week and the forecast was for rain over the weekend as well. So keeping in mind that we weren’t sure whether the festival would be canceled or if it wasn’t it would be packed with people that couldn’t go the previous days, we decided to do another outing instead.

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My friend and I headed down to this shore town, walked around, ate lunch, ate dessert, and walked some more before heading home. There was a little bit of popping into random shops, but mostly just wandering.

MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos

First, we got lunch at MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos. The pork tacos were excellent! The flavor was amazing.

Confections of a Rockstar Bakery - Macarons

Then, we went to Confections of a Rock$tar Bakery for dessert. This bakery has been featured on the Food Network! I’ve been here before for cupcakes, but this time I felt like having some macarons instead.

Asbury Park - Anchor
Asbury Park - Selfie
Asbury Park

We got lucky and it didn’t rain, despite the cloudy and gloomy sky. I hope you enjoyed following my day!

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