Nails: First Blush

After using Vanity Table for my gel nail strips the past few times, I went back to my old favorite – Dashing Diva. I still like Vanity Table and still have a couple sets to use up from them, but I wanted to just do something quicker this time around. These are quicker because I don’t need to use the UV light.

I got the “First Blush” set for Valentine’s Day and I think the design is so cute. There’s light pink, a glittery silver, red and pink hearts on a clear strip, and holographic hearts on clear strips. I’ve had them on for 3 days now and they’re still holding up great!

I always have good experiences with the Dashing Diva nail strips so I expect these to last me until they start to get outgrown.

Have a great start to your week!

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