Couples from the Twisted Series

Before I get into today’s blog post I wanted to let you know I took the plunge last night and after much inner debate, I changed my Instagram username to @lifeandbookswithjamie ! My blog name will remain the same, but I’ve been wanting to change my IG name for a while. It’s the end of an era and was a little scary when I clicked save, but it’s done and exciting!

Now back to today’s post. It’s no secret that I absolutely love the Twisted series by Ana Huang. I’ve been wanting to try to make aesthetic reels on Instagram for a while and I felt inspired to make one for the couples of the Twisted books. I found all these photos on Pinterest and made little collages for the purpose of this post!

Alex & Ava in Twisted Love

  • Alex is Ava’s brother’s (Josh) best friend
  • Alex is rich, brilliant, grumpy
  • Ava is a photographer
  • Both have troubled pasts

Rhys & Bridget in Twisted Games

  • Bridget is the crown princess of her home country
  • Rhys is her bodyguard
  • Bridget is best friends with Ava, Jules, & Stella
  • age gap romance

Josh & Jules in Twisted Hate

  • Enemies to lovers
  • Jules is best friends with Josh’s sister (Ava)
  • She’s studying to be a lawyer
  • Josh is a doctor

Christian & Stella in Twisted Lies

  • Fake dating
  • Christian is rich and a tech & security genius
  • Stella is a fashion blogger and aspiring designer
  • Stella has a stalker and Christian owns a security company (the one Rhys worked for)

I love all these couples, but if I had to pick my favorite would be Rhys & Bridget!

Have you read the Twisted series? Do you have a favorite couple?

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