Book Review: The Atlas Paradox

The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake picks up where The Atlas Six left off.

Note: This post contains spoilers to The Atlas Six!

As mentioned above, the book picks up where the first book ended. Libby Rhodes has been kidnapped and brought to some unknown place and time by Ezra. The 5 other recruits (Nico, Tristan, Parisa, Reina, and Callum) into the Alexandrian Society are now working on their independent research projects for year 2 before they can leave the manor and re-enter society, if they so wish. They also, more or less, or attempting to keep their promise to Nico and trying to find Libby.

While they do their research, try to figure out more about the archives, and look for Libby, they are also trying to figure out Atlas and what is off about Dalton. I don’t want to spoil anything so that’s why this is so vague!

I really liked this book, but have to admit it was slow until 3/4 in. I think I felt the same way about book 1 where it was slow at times, but the storyline is so good and mysterious that you have to keep reading. It definitely is not a book that you can read quickly. You have to really think while you’re reading. There were also times in the book that I got frustrated because there were multiple times where they were so close to finding out something or meeting someone important or making a connection and then didn’t! Also, because they were so competitive and secretive with each other a lot of the time they didn’t realize that things they had learned aligned with something someone else needed to know or they didn’t realize that they all had pieces to the same puzzle and if they just confided in one another they could’ve figured things out quicker!

I’m really hoping that in the third and final book they actually work together and put all their powers and abilities together to bring down the Society!

Overall, I still love the series and characters, but there were times I was frustrated so I hope the last book is just amazing throughout. My favs are still Libby, Nico, and Tristan. But Parisa, Callum, Reina, and even Ezra grew on me this book. I do have a soft spot for Dalton too so I hope he gets a happy ending!

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