Kulti – Special Edition

I read Kulti back at the beginning of the year and absolutely loved it. Not a surprise since I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Mariana Zapata so far. Anyway, months ago I saw that she had sold special edition copies of the book through her book shop with a new cover and diamond foil. And signed! It was all sold out. But! Then, a while later I saw her Instagram story that said they happened across an extra stash of copies and they were going to be sold, first come first serve on a specific date and time. I, of course, put it on my calendar with a reminder to sign on to her website 5 minutes ahead of time. I was so excited that I was able to grab a copy! Especially because when I checked about 10 minutes later they were all sold out!

It’s so gorgeous! All the heart eyes! I may need to do a re-read!

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