FMCs Who Can Make the Whole Place Shimmer

Even if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, chances are you’ve heard her song “Bejeweled” from her Midnights album.

The chorus goes:

Best believe I’m still bejeweled
When I walk in the room
I can still make the whole place shimmer
And when I meet the band
They ask, “Do you have a man?”
I can still say, “I don’t remember”
Familiarity breeds contempt
Don’t put me in the basement
When I want the penthouse of your heart
Diamonds in my eyes
I polish up real, I polish up real nice

I was thinking of some FMCs that I think would make any place they walk in to shimmer and here are the ones I came up with!

  • Evelyn Hugo from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. She’s an old Hollywood bombshell and so glamorous.
  • Vivian Lau from King of Wrath. She’s wealthy and super stylish. Plus, she’s the heiress of a luxury jewelry company.
  • Bridget von Ascheberg from Twisted Games. The blonde beauty is the crown princess of Eldorra.
  • Piper Bellinger from It Happened One Summer. Piper is a wealthy, party girl from LA, and like a fish out of water when she gets sent to a small fishing town in Washington.
  • Briar Saint from Triple Duty Bodyguards. She’s a rich actress and celebrity who always looks good.
  • Summer Heyward Di Laurentis from The Chase. Summer comes from a very wealthy family and has a knack for fashion design. She always looks effortlessly gorgeous and chic.

I love all these characters!

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