Book Spotlight: Jar of Pennies

I was sent Jar of Pennies by John Yearwood months ago and just got to it last week. It kept getting pushed back with other PR books on my tbr that had to get reviewed first so I kept having to put it off. I started it last week, but haven’t been able to get really into it yet. However, since I’ve waited so long to get to it I still wanted to spotlight it! The synopsis seems really interesting so if you’re a fan of crime thrillers, you may want to give this a try! I have the synopsis below.


“In the summer of 1979, the small town of Whitmire Texas—deep in the eastern piney woods of the state—is rocked by a series of murders. None of the victims knew one another, none lived close by. A police chief floats to the surface of a lake, hooked on a trot line; a divorcing wife apparently overdoses on illegal drugs; the skeletons of a young mother and her three-year-old toddler are found near an abandoned barn; a congressman is murdered in a shoot-out at his home, which also claims the lives of two drug pushers from Houston and a used car dealer. The sleepy private town of Whitmire is terrified and the town’s newspaper publisher is determined to bring the mystery to a resolution. BoMac—short for Beaufort Sebastian Maclean—is a young University of Virginia dropout devoted to journalism and committed to chronicling the life of the little community. He takes the publishing job at the weekly Whitmire Standard seriously, pouring his life into a job that demands he not only write the news but also take the photos and sell the ads. In the fraught atmosphere of Whitmire where daily routines are thrown off kilter by the unknown terror, he keeps his eyes open and finally spots a jar of pennies: the evidence that clenches the death sentence for the killer.”

The book seems really interesting, I just couldn’t get into it, but I may try to pick it up again in the future!

*I was sent this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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