Color Block Nails

Before I begin, how do you guys like the new layout? I decided to switch it up!

Onto the purpose of this post – color block nails. I did my nails for my friend’s wedding, (my wedding guest look post from yesterday can be found here) and decided to try color blocking. It’s important to note that before you begin doing anything like color blocking you need to make sure you have enough time to properly do it. It is a multi-step process which requires drying time inbetween steps so it is not a quick nail job by any means. I decided to use OPI Alpine Snow and Chanel Graphite.


First, I painted my nails white with 2 coats and let it completely dry.

Next, I used tape and taped off the bottom half of each nail so that I could easily paint the top half of my nails with the Graphite color.
IMG_5990 IMG_5991

Then, I waited until the Graphite nail polish was completely dry before carefully peeling off the tape and followed it up with a top coat.
IMG_5992 IMG_5994

The tape dispenser that I used has little ridges so the division between the two colors isn’t a straight line, but instead ridged, however I like it! I think it gives it a little something extra. There you have it – color block nails! It’s pretty easy, but does require time. Have any of you ever tried something like this yourself?

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