Transforming Leftovers

I know we’re well into the holiday/Christmas themed posts now, but I have one last post that references Thanksgiving. However, this post can be helpful any time of year! Thanksgiving leftovers are famous. Most people eat leftovers the day after whether it’s recreating their Thanksgiving plate or making turkey sandwiches — they have leftovers in some shape or form. Well I did a combo for lunch the next day. I had my turkey, stuffing, vegetables etc. and also made a sandwich out of the baked ham. Later on in the weekend I used up other leftovers and made them into something new. My mom made actual Thanksgiving dinner, but I had fun transforming them into other things over the weekend.

First up, mashed potatoes. I made potato pancakes. Add salt, pepper and onions to your mashed potatoes, make patties and cover in flour and cornstarch (to make it stay in the patty form).




Next, I had spaghetti left over. I didn’t have spaghetti on actual Thanksgiving, but we had it for dinner the night before Thanksgiving and didn’t have a chance to finish it off since ya know…we had turkey to eat. Spaghetti leftovers are always good, but I decided to try making a spaghetti pie! Add some salt, pepper, and crack an egg into the pasta to help it hold together.






Last, what to do with all those sweet potatoes? I’ve never made or even tried sweet potato pie, but decided it was a good opportunity with all these leftovers. I had orange and white sweet potatoes left over. I got the recipe from All RecipesΒ and it turned out great.




So that’s what I did with my leftovers last week! I love leftovers, especially as it makes it really easy to come up with what to eat for lunch at work. But it’s fun to do something new with the food too every once in a while so you’re not always eating the same thing again.

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