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Fair Isle Reindeer Leggings

I’m so excited to share with you all the best. leggings. ever. There are so many reasons these leggings are so wonderful. First, how cute is this print? I love Fair Isle prints/knits but often times Fair Isle sweaters are wool and super itchy. Not these leggings! The adorable black & white reindeer print is amazingly soft. Not only are they super soft, but they are also pretty thick. I’ve never owned leggings or possibly even any sort of pants that are quite this thick!
Leggings: Bethany Mota via Aeropostale

Unfortunately, the leggings are no longer available for sale, but they were from the Bethany Mota line at Aeropostale. I picked them up back when I went a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe I was actually buying stuff there after so many years. I love Bethany Mota and her YouTube videos so I’m more than happy to support her line!



I wish you guys could feel how soft and thick these are through your computer screens. I just love these leggings so much and I’m so happy I decided to get them!

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