Food Waste

This article by FIX, “Preventing Food Waste” was recently brought to my attention and I think it’s full of interesting facts and tips. I know I’m guilty of letting things go to waste, but it’s never something I purposely seek out to do so these statistics and information about expiration dates, sell-by dates etc. are really interesting to me. Tips like taking stock of what’s already in your refrigerator so you don’t overbuy at the supermarket are simple things that many might forget about to prevent food waste. I know some people hate eating leftovers or maybe it gets tiring to eat the same thing over and over when you’ve made too much, but you can always transform your leftovers like I did after Thanksgiving. Below’s the article for some food (sorry, I had to do it!) for thought!



*Article provided to me by Ghergich & Co. but all opinions are my own*

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