Snow Day

Pretty much all the schools in the tri-state area canceled school for today as early as yesterday evening. I got my phone call around 6 or 7pm yesterday. The blizzard was supposed to bring between 18-24 inches of snow to my county, but as the night went on the storm started to track farther off coast (of NJ at least, it still hit parts of Long Island hard) and all I woke up with were a measly 5 inches! While I wasn’t super excited to have to deal with 2 feet of snow and the fear of losing electricity from the high winds, I still feel cheated out of the snow hype! Either way, I don’t have work today so I guess that’s a win.

It’s still snowing a bit now and Accuweather is telling me we’ll get an additional 3-6 inches during the day today which I hope is true as it would validate at least some of the hype over the storm.

Here’s what it looked like outside when I woke up. The pictures all taken from the doorways of my house as I’m still in my pajamas and robe and not planning on going outside until later!


It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it is still lightly snowing and blowing all over the place from the wind. One upside to this snow, apart from getting the day off from work, is that I came up with a brilliant (hopefully) idea for my weekly Photo Challenge submission so keep an eye out for that this Friday! My plan for today is to do the little things for work I need to get done for tomorrow, making something yummy for lunch for a future blog post, and attempt a craft project, which if it turns out well, will also be featured on this here blog.

Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are!

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