Atlantic Highlands

Peaceful Beach Paths

Happy Friday! Any exciting plans this weekend? My weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy and then I leave for vacation early Tuesday morning, so lots to do. As always, I’ll take you along with me on my trip and post about things I’m doing/did, food, etc. in real time on my Instagram storiesΒ and here on the blog on a few days delay.

But until the travel posts start, I’ve got a lot to share. Today I’m sharing another Flashback Friday, #fbf, and this one is from just a few weeks ago. If you follow my Instastories then you may have heard me mention that my photoshoot with Lauren this past Monday was rescheduled because of bad weather. So we’re shooting for this Sunday evening and I’m so excited for the looks we’re going for this time around. Anyway, this isn’t about my upcoming shoot, this is about my last one with Lauren a few weeks ago at the beach. This beach in Atlantic Highlands is part of a park and is pretty quiet since it’s not really the kind of beach that people are swimming and sunbathing on. Can’t wait to show you the photos from there with the gorgeous light, but this is a photo I snapped as we were walking. I thought the path looked so peaceful!

Atlantic Highlands

In the distance across the water you can faintly see New York City, which sounds crazy since Atlantic Highlands is down the shore, but it’s true! And actually just before arriving at the park I passed the ferry parking lot which takes people to the city.

Stay tuned for those photos which I’ll start posting after my vacation!

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