Wide Leg Chambray Jumpsuit
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Wide Leg Chambray Jumpsuit + Sprinkle Clutch

Months and months ago I got a few pieces from a limited edition makeup collaboration between the Museum of Ice Cream and Sephora. I wrote about it (here). I remember thinking “Why would they release such a fun, summery collaboration in the fall?” because it was so clearly more of a summer collaboration. In any case I did buy the brush set and the cheek set. The brush set I purely got because of the sprinkle clutch! Um, a plastic box clutch filled with sprinkles? It’s a no brainer! I mean, come on, look how fun and adorable it is! I took a photo and sent it to Lauren, my professional photographer, and told her we had to take photos with it at an ice cream shop in the summer. Fast forward 8 months and we did just that!

I wore a wide legged chambray jumpsuit with a cute tie detail, buttons, and brought along the sprinkle clutch as an accessory. The mint chocolate chip ice cream was also a delicious accessory.


Jumpsuit: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Shoes: DSW | Clutch: Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora

So about the ice cream. The ice cream was the plan the whole time and guess what? I forgot my wallet at home! Not only did I have no money on me for the ice cream, but I couldn’t put money in the parking meter! Luckily, when we took these photos it was early June and the beach scene was not booming yet, so it was easy to find parking and the police weren’t constantly monitoring the parking situation. I was also lucky that Lauren lives right around there and was able to scrounge up some cash for the ice cream from her apartment. Because, of course, the ice cream shop only takes cash! Anyway, it all worked out and I loved the retro look of the wide leg chambray jumpsuit with the ice cream in an ice cream shop!

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