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Yea or Nay: Reversible Clothing

Welcome to another installment of my Yea or Nay series! Today, I’m talking about reversible clothing. Reversible items aren’t extremely common, but you do see some things popping up here and there every once in a while. Sometimes the two sides look completely different such as polka dot print on one side and striped on the other, while other times it may just be inverse colors. This sweater I wore recently is the latter.

Top:Β Express


I got this sweater two years ago from Express and it has grey & white animal print all over it. Larger print on the body and small print on the sleeves.

So how do I feel about reversible clothing? Well, I think it’s a great deal for your money since you’re essentially getting two looks for the price of one. However, you need to ask yourself how often you’re going to be wearing both sides. For me, the answer is hardly ever if not at all. Let me explain. I only wear this sweater on the grey side (the bottom picture where the main color is grey) because the white side has the tags. Of course, the logical thing to do is to cut the tags and then you can wear both sides easily, but unless a tag is really itching me or something I prefer to leave the clothing tags on or else I’ll never remember the cleaning instructions (what needs to be lay flat to dry, what needs to be hand washed, etc.)

Reversible items that I am a big fan of though are bathing suits. I have a couple reversible bikinis and I love them because usually both sides are so different – florals & geometric shapes, stripes & polka dots, and so on. It’s also a real space saver for when you’re going on vacation to somewhere tropical because with just 2 bathing suits you can get 4 different looks and not look like you’re wearing the same bathing suit every single day!

So for me, I’m in the middle. I think it’s a great buy for things like bathing suits, but in terms of regular clothing like sweaters I don’t think I’d get much use out of them. That said, if it was something cute like this sweater then I’d probably still buy it regardless of it being reversible since it was still the normal price for a sweater and I liked it!

How do you feel about reversible clothing?Β 

P.S. School was dismissed early today because of the snow and the blizzard conditions are supposed to start this evening so I got out of work early! Hopefully I won’t lose electricity and can continue on blogging away tomorrow and Wednesday!

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