Jelly Sandwich Nails

Have you ever done a jelly sandwich manicure? This is my first go of it. The first time I ever heard of jelly sandwich nails was a few years ago on one of YouTuber Holly Ann Aeree’s DIY nail videos. I was recently reminded of it when I was looking at some nail pictures online and seeing as it’s a really easy look to achieve, I figured it was right up my alley.

Essentially, jelly sandwich is when you put a base coat of a nail polish on, then a sparkle layer, and then another layer of that first nail polish color again so the sparkle layer is sandwiched in between the two color coats.

I used Wet n Wild’s Megalast polish in “Sugar Coat” because I remembered that it is a very thin consistency. I figured I wouldn’t want to use a polish that is too opaque because then it would just completely cover the sparkle layer and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. For the sparkle – well more like confetti – I used Sephora’s Formula X in “Demolition”. Finally, for the top coat, I used my Revlon one.

You can sorta see that the pink (one coat) is pretty sheer. You can tell I have that light pink polish on, but you can still see my nail underneath.


After the first coat of “Sugar Coat” dried, I put a coat of “Demolition” on. I took my time with this because I wanted to make sure to get a variety of pieces of confetti or whatever you want to call it, onto my nails and not just end up with globs of clear polish.

Once the “Demolition” coat was dry, I put another layer of “Sugar Coat” on and then once that dried I put on the top coat.


I really like this milky pink look and I think it pairs perfectly with the light blue, light pink, white, and tiny pastel green sparkle/confetti pieces. I think I could’ve done with a second top layer coat of “Sugar Coat” since it is such a thin polish, but I’m still happy with the way this turned out.

I’d love to try this out again, but I think it might be a little difficult to find polishes that will work well together. Not to mention the bottom and top coat of the sandwich can’t be opaque or else it won’t work!

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