Steamed Dumplings

The weather is finally getting warmer! Like above 50 degrees kind of warm, but guess what? I’m sick. I mentioned over the weekend that I thought I was getting a cold. Well, yesterday I felt fine again and now today I started to feel sick by late morning with the chills. I stuck it out at work, because as I also mentioned over the weekend, I have parent/teacher conferences all week and leaving early or calling out tomorrow is going to cause such a hassle.

Moving on, recently I made steamed dumplings with my mom which is definitely a comfort food and something I wish I had right now as I type this with a fever! This post isn’t a recipe per se, but just a sort of food diary.

There are so many different kinds of dumplings, but here is one way we make them.


Started out with homemade dough made from rice flour and tapioca starch.


This filling is a mixture of pork, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and celery.


I take a piece of the dough, roll it into a ball, and flatten it with a tortilla press.



Put some filling in and pinch it closed to make semi-circles.



We brush the dumplings with some canola oil so they don’t stick together when we steam them.


IMG_4433 IMG_4435

There you have it! They are so yummy when they are just steamed and hot. Now I’m off to take a nap and hopefully wake up feeling much better!

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