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Winter Just Wasn’t My Season

Anybody remember that song? I was listening to an old playlist and that Anna Nalick song, “Breathe” came on. Winter wasn’t horrible, but it felt really long and dragged out. Every time it looked like the bitter cold and snow was finally gone, it would be right back.

With a winter filled with seemingly never-ending work, silly drama, and further confirmation that my love life is cursed (allow me to be melodramatic for a minute), I’m ready to say goodbye to winter and bring on a change of season!

Originally, this post was just going to be an OOTD post, but at the last minute I thought it would be cool to do some black & white pictures and color pictures as a way to say I’m leaving winter behind and saying hello to spring.





Top: Mimi Chica via Nordstrom Rack
Tank Top: JCrew Factory
Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: UGG Classic Cardy

I love the colors of this sheer floral blouse. It is a hi-lo, but I didn’t take any side view pictures or pictures from behind so it’s hard to tell. It’s not a subtle hi-lo either — the back reaches down to past my butt so it is pretty long. I really like the blue/purple/pink combo and I think the tank top and burgundy pants really go well together.


The weather is supposed to be pretty mild this week. While it’s not going to be very warm, it’s a welcome change! I have 4 days of work this week until spring break begins and I go on vacation! I decided I’ll be doing a daily recap while I’m away because I can’t be away from the blog for that long, plus it’ll be a nice little travel diary for me to look back on. It’ll be a look at what I’m wearing, travel tips, food, etc.  Anyway, as the title of my post suggests – winter wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t my season and I’m ready for what’s ahead!

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