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Grey Florals

As I type up this post (Sunday night) it’s stormy outside, but earlier on in the weekend it was anything but. Saturday was hot and sunny, so it wasn’t exactly the type of weather people usually associate the color grey with, but I love grey and this dark grey top with muted florals was calling my name.

Top: Abound via Nordstrom Rack
Shorts: Express
Flip Flops: SO via Kohls

This v-neck tee is loose fitting and a bit long. I don’t often tuck my tops into my pants as I don’t like feeling constricted, but this top is loose in a boxy way so if I left it untucked and stuck with these shorts I’m afraid I would look blob-ish. I needed to tuck in the shirt to give the look a more slimming and structured look. I tried to do that half tucked look that’s so popular now but it was just not working for me. Might be because of the material and cut of this particular top. Are only certain kinds of shirts able to do that tucked in the front only, effortless look?



The shade of grey in this top is just lovely in my opinion. It has this darkness to it, but also has a soft feel. I think Abound’s choice to use only pink/green florals on the top was right on the money. What a gorgeous color combination. The top was listed on Nordstrom Rack as “Grey Meteor Floral” and I think that’s a good description, because it has that stone grey quality to it.

The shorts from Express are cotton, drawstring shorts that I’ve had for a few years and they are just as comfortable as they look. Although they are a bit lighter than the grey in the top, I think that’s what makes the look work. I didn’t want it to be matchy-matchy – I wanted there to be contrast. I don’t think black shorts would have looked as good. White shorts would look good, but would be a completely different look/style than what I was going for.


I hope you all have a great Monday and start to your week!

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