Photo Challenge: Off-Season

This week has been a whirlwind and I feel like I’ve been all over the place that I’m getting so confused about what day of the week it is! Anyway, it’s Friday which means it’s Photo Challenge Friday here on Life According to Jamie. I’m going to be honest, my photo response to The Daily Post’s challenge this week, “Off-Season”, is not very creative and is a bit boring. Nothing sprang to mind from my archives and I didn’t come across anything this week that felt “off-season” to me. The only thing that I could even remotely consider as “off-season” was my candle.

I love burning candles and I normally just grab whichever one I want from my stash and burn it until it’s done, then pick another one. I’m not picky about what’s technically “in-season” or not. So this is my best example of “off-season” this week. My candle is Bath & Body Works’ “Farmstand Apple” and my candle holder, also from Bath & Body Works, is definitely winter-esque with it’s evergreen tree shapes. The apple scent is usually associated with autumn and my candle holder is associated with winter. It is mid June right now. I’ve just got a whole bunch of seasons going on simultaneously over here!

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