Review: IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream

For today’s review I have the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. The actual full name is IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ (Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream + Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum + SPF 50), but that’s just wayyyy too long! I’ve been using this for over a month now and I think I have enough to say about it now, so if you want to hear my thoughts on the product, then keep on reading!

First off, I love the packaging for this product. It is in a tube, but has a pump and I think we can all agree that pumps make everything easier. This is not technically a foundation, it is a CC cream, which is similar to BB creams, but the “CC” stands for “color corrector” so I feel it offers a bit more coverage just because it aims to reduce redness and even out skin tone – or at least that’s what it’s supposed to do.

This is another product that I’d heard great reviews for over the past few years, so I was excited to try it out for myself when I finally got around to buying it. So how did it measure up to the reviews? I am happy to say that I feel it does what it claims. It definitely evens out skin tone and takes away redness. It doesn’t cover everything, so I still use a concealer, but that’s ok because I’m not expecting it to be a full coverage product despite the name saying “full coverage cream” because it is after all a cc cream. It does a great job at providing light to medium coverage which is perfect for summer, when many of us tend to go lighter on the makeup/coverage department. The fact that it also has spf 50 is great for summer because no one wants to get sunburn on their face!

The product is not liquidy or runny, it pumps out like a thick cream consistency, but it applies smoothly and blends out nicely. It has a faint scent, which I can’t quite place, but for some reason I want to say a slight citrusy smell. It’s very faint and doesn’t linger. It’s definitely not as fragrant or as noticeable as the Covergirl+Olay Tone Rehab Foundation, which had a very minty scent.

I’m happy with the product. If you’re looking for something lightweight, this is a great product. But if you’re expecting it to be comparable to a full coverage foundation, it won’t be that for you unless you have nearly perfect skin. However, if you go into it remembering that is is a CC cream and not your standard foundation, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised which just how great the coverage is.

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