Friday Fashion Recap

I’m having some trouble with my laptop and the hotel internet so I’m posting this on my phone. It’s my first time posting from my phone so I hope the format comes out the way I want it to! 

Anyway, so far I’m having a great time at my friend’s wedding weekend in Chicago. I have a quick fashion recap for you from yesterday. 

First I wore this floral dress to lunch. The dress has a layer of tulle underneath to make it flare out a bit. 

Dress: Forever21 // Shoes: DSW

Then, last night my friend lent me an Indian outfit for the evening. 

My friends and I performed a surprise dance (actually 4 dances) last night and it went really well. I’m so relieved it’s over because I was a bundle of nerves! 

Today is a bit more relaxing for the afternoon but the actual wedding ceremony and reception is tonight so I’m excited! 



    1. lifeaccordingtojamie

      Thanks!! I did 4 dances in it and beforehand I was so worried the skirt would fall down haha. But my friend’s mom told me to just tie it really tight and then I felt better after she pinned it all together haha

      1. Shilpa

        Oh yes the struggle is real with the lehenga skirt!! Using safety pins is my go to solution too! Ooh 4 Bollywood numbers I’m guessing!! Way to go girl 😃😃

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