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Travel Beauty MVPs

Travel Beauty MVPs

I’ve been traveling a lot recently – 4 trips in less than 2 months to be exact! When you’re picking what to bring with you in your makeup bag for vacation, I usually opt for things that will work well across various events and with all different outfits. I brought some of the same items on all of these trips as well as different ones. Now that my trips are over for the summer, I’ve come up with my top 4 beauty items that I brought with me on vacation. These items are ones that I’m so happy I packed on one or more of the trips and just did a stellar job for me.

1. MAC Fix+ – This was great for setting my makeup, as well as to refresh my skin. Skin can get out of whack when you’re traveling since you’re most likely not sticking with your daily skin routine and while on vacation you’re most likely eating more rich foods, sweets, junk food etc. I’m so happy I brought this with me, especially when I was in Arizona, with all the hot weather. Also, the Benefit’s Big Easy Foundation I brought with me to Arizona was really drying out my skin so MAC Fix+ was a lifesaver.

2. Nivea Kiss of Smoothness – This lip balm was great to keep my lips moisturized while I was away. It’s unscented which is fine by me and it also has SPF 15 which is essential in the summertime.

3. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – This bronzer, highlight, blush palette in “Naked” is super travel friendly. I love traveling with it because it’s got 3 in 1 and I don’t need to travel with 3 separate compacts. I do want to invest in some of the other shades they have available.

4. Pur Minerals Soul Mattes – For my most recent trip, I wanted to bring something other than the normal small palettes of creams and browns so I brought this Pur Minerals palette with me for some pinks and berries without forgetting about the browns. I loved having it along with me.

So there you have my beauty MVPs for my recent trips. These 4 products were beauty essentials for me and amongst everything I brought these were the standout items!

What beauty items do you like to bring with you when you travel?

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  • vernieparlavie

    I love the Naked Palette, so so good.
    But I’ve bought something even better for travelling that has definitely lighten up my travel beauty bag: The Naked On the Run. It’s look heavy but it’s lighter than bringing everything.
    Then the other few things that I bring with me are foundation, concealer, eye shadow primer and liquid eye liner. Plus few mini brushes that I bought from Eco Tools. The mirror inside is very large so it’s very easy to do your make-up. And of course, the makeup quality is awesome. I loooove this palette so much. Have you tried it?

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