Why I loved “Jurassic World”

So right off the bat, you know this isn’t going to be a proper review because based on the title of this post I’ve already given away that I loved the movie, Jurassic World. I know, I know, I’m really late on this – the movie’s been out for weeks, but hey I only just got the chance to go and see it so whatevs!

I finally got to see the movie earlier this week with a girl friend and we both really enjoyed it. I found it to be really entertaining and am glad to see all the success it’s getting. I decided to break it down into 4 reasons why I loved the movie with the help of some gifs.



1. Chris Pratt

Okay, honestly, Chris Pratt could be numbers 1-4 all by himself for reasons why I loved the movie. But, I’ll try not to be ridiculous and just keep him contained to one reason. I absolutely love Chris Pratt. I think he’s so funny and he’s got that down-to-earth, charming, regular guy thing going for him which is why I think so many people love him. I recently read an article (but can’t remember where now) that said one of the major appeals of Pratt is that he was your average actor before his major success in recent years (I suppose as “regular” as a famous actor can be) with an average body and then he landed some great roles that really catapulted his career and he got into better shape due to these roles. People see this as inspiration that anything can happen and hard work and some luck can change your whole life. A few years ago no one would have thought he would become this huge box office draw and on the fast track to becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

So yes, Chris Pratt is my #1 reason for loving this movie. It doesn’t hurt that he looks pretty hot in this movie either. As soon as the movie was over my friend and I turned to each other and proclaimed our love for him. I, then, proceeded to text 2 of my other good friends to proclaim my love for him which they wholeheartedly agreed with. Actually, it was re-proclaiming (is that a word?) my love for him because it’s been existent for a few years now!

2. References to Jurassic Park

I don’t have a gif for this one sadly, but I loved the references to the original movie that premiered over 20 years ago. There were some very obvious references such as the characters stumbling across the original park, now abandoned. But I looked it up when trying to find a gif and found that there are actually a whole host of “easter eggs” planted throughout the movie that you’d really have to be looking for.

3. Bryce Dallas Howard

Again, while searching for gifs, I came across a few stories that say there’s been some complaints about Howard’s role in the movie and that it was “anti-feminist” and the movie was “sexist”. I couldn’t disagree more! One of the critiques was that she runs around in high heels for the whole movie. I don’t think that makes the movie sexist, I think it makes her character a badass! It’s not like she’s running around in heels and waiting to be saved the entire movie like some damsel in distress. She does her fair share of saving other people too and holds her own for much of the movie, all while wearing heels. I think that makes her pretty cool in my book.

4. Raptor Squad

I don’t want to give too much away about the movie in case any of you haven’t gotten to see the movie yet, but raptors again play a role in this movie. This could tie into #2, because it does sort of pay homage to the original Jurassic Park film. Anyway, without giving much away the raptor squad is something different and fun to watch.

I could probably come up with a bunch of other reasons I loved the movie, but these were my top 4. I can’t wait for the movie to come out on DVD so I can enjoy it again and ya know, watch Chris Pratt grace my screen again.

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