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Last week I posted about beach hair and mentioned that I sadly had not yet been to the beach this summer even though I don’t live too far from the shore. Well I finally made it there and even included a shot from the beach in last week’s photo challenge!

I wanted to share with you all my typical beach style. When I think about it, what I wear and bring with me to the beach is pretty consistent save for a few variables.

I always wear to the beach: a swimsuit and a coverup

Things I always bring: beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, hair tie, and a change of clothes. Oh and of course my wallet so I can buy lunch either on my way to the beach or take a break from the sun and get food on the boardwalk.

Things I sometimes bring: I will bring either a large beach blanket to lay out on with my towel or a beach chair. Sometimes I’ll bring snacks like chips and/or fruit. And if I can remember them, I’ll bring my headphones to listen to music.

I know a lot of people like to bring books to the beach, but I’m not a beach reader. I rarely bring an umbrella with me and so it’s just too too bright out to stare at a book for me.



Last week I wore a paisley bikini from Express and a crochet romper swim cover up from Aerie. In my free Victoria’s secret tote, which I find perfect for the beach since it zips closed preventing sand from getting in, I had my beach towel, sunscreen, water, and change of clothes. My beach chair was in my trunk and I was ready to go!



The water was pretty chilly, so I only got about halfway in, but it was extremely refreshing to take a dip periodically after sitting in the sun. There was hardly any cloud cover whatsoever so we were really in the sun all day. I mean, just look at my photo above – clear skies all the way! So the chilly water really cooled me down. I could walk down and just put my feet in and my whole body would cool down. Of course, after a while you think to yourself “Okay the breeze is picking up and I’m half wet so now I’m cold, I’ll go back to my beach chair now” and within minutes you’re sweating again and want to go back in the water!

Are there any items you always bring with you to the beach? What’s your go-to beach style?

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