Seaside Resort

Seaside Resort


It’s just about the middle of the week and it’s my last week of summer break. Excuse me while I go sob… Okay, I’m back. I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone and I’m definitely not ready to get back to work on Monday. I have a week of inservice and then school officially starts on the 1st.
While I savor these last few days of summer, I’m going to imagine that I’m on vacation at a seaside resort today. Some seaside hotels are a bit old and smelly from all the dampness is my guess. But in today’s dream, I would be staying at a beautiful seaside resort that is a bit higher class and therefore looks and feels clean, crisp, modern yet still homey.
The room being surrounded by windows is perfect to get multiple viewpoints and lots of beautiful sunlight in. I wanted to add a few decor pieces that were sea/ocean inspired without overdoing it and looking like your room had a Little Mermaid explosion. So I chose a simple “Gone to the Beach” sign and a candle vase filled with sand, shells, and starfish. When I think of the sea, I think of wicker. And boats. And anchors. This led me to include a wicker sofa to the room and I would include some throw pillows with anchors on them. Lastly, some greenery helps to give some more life to the room so the standing plants are a nice touch to the large room with sweeping sea views.
I’ll be off pretending I’m here for the rest of the day and trying to forget that my summer is coming to an end!


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