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Photo challenge: Connected

Fridays are back to being much anticipated since the school year aka work started back up. You think students are excited for Friday? I think teachers are even more excited! So Friday mornings mean the weekend is within reach and it also means it’s Photo Challenge Friday on the blog.

This week The Daily Post’s challenge was “Connected”, which could be interpreted literally like the bridge they offered in their example or something more symbolic. I decided to go with symbolic this week since last week my response was quite literal.


For my response to “Connected” I decided to share a picture of a ring I have in my new jewelry dish I got in my September Aster Market Box. My best friend and I got matching rings at Swarovski over 2 years ago. She is my ultimate shopping buddy and neither of us needs much persuasion to buy something pretty and sparkly. In fact, we have both been guilty of using each other as excuses to buy items for ourselves (you know the whole, one for you, one for me thing). So while “window shopping” one day, we came across this beautiful ring and once we found out that the ring symbolized friendship because of the knot, we were like “well now we have to get it!”. To our credit, we didn’t buy it on that trip but waited until the next shopping date. Reasonable enough, right?

I chose this ring to symbolize “Connected” because she’s my bestie. We can talk about anything from work to shopping. From TV to relationships. From happy times like the birth of her beautiful baby to the sad times like the inevitable disappointments we all encounter in life. We’ve cried in front of each other and supported each other for as long as we’ve been friends. So our friendship ring in my new “Loved” jewelry dish seemed really fitting. By the way, if you want to get really crazy about how everyone’s connected in some way, Aster Market is founded by a former classmate of mine! But back to the BFF, we are forever connected not just through our friendship but through our various matching items we not so guiltily possess!

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