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Yea or Nay: Buttoned Backs

I had a hard time coming up with the title for this post. What do you call clothes that have buttons down the back? I don’t know of any term for it! Anyway, my latest Yea or Nay for you guys is the buttoned back look. I’m a big fan of zippered backs as I know many other people are too, but what about buttons?


Dress: JCrew Factory
Watch: Michael Kors

Let me tell you a little story about this dress. I bought it a year or two ago from the factory store and it was one of those last minute purchases. I am known to often buy things without going into the dressing room. I know, bad habit. But sometimes I am just too lazy to get undressed, try on a bunch of things, and get dressed again! So more often than not, if I’m in a store where I generally know what size I wear, I will forgo the dressing room. Anyway, what’s the point of me telling you about my dressing room (or sometimes lack thereof) habits? Well, I didn’t try this dress on at the store and when I grabbed this dress from the rack it was one of those free standing racks in the store — not against a wall or anything. So I actually thought the buttons were in the front of the dress! Because think about it, this dress would be really cute if the buttons were in the front! I mean, it’s still cute now, but yeah I thought I was buying a dress with front buttons. I still like the dress and I think the button details in the back are cute and different.

Here’s a look at what it looks like from the front…



So what do you think about buttons in the back? And have you ever made a mistake like I did when purchasing something?

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