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It’s Monday again and I’m hoping this week goes by faster than last week! Last week seemed to crawl by and the weekend flew by as usual, of course.

As many of my fellow beauty lovers know, MAC comes out with limited edition collections all the time and the packaging is usually seriously amazing. If you’ve been following me long enough, you may remember my haul from last year’s Prabal Gurung collection which had super luxe packaging. The latest release, the Guo Pei Collection, came out a few weeks ago and I thought I would take the opportunity to share what I hauled! I haven’t used any of these items yet so I can’t give any sort of review on these products yet.



I picked up 3 items from the collection. I got the Cremesheen Glass in “Pale Moon”, the Powder Blush in “Red Water Lily”, and the Lipstick in “Zenith”.


Red Water Lily is described as a “light blue pink” powder blush.


Zenith is a light nude and Pale Moon is described as a “nude coral”.



I’ve been wanting pieces from this collection since I saw the first promo pictures back in the spring! Yes, pictures were released months ago back in May and the collection was just released now in the fall! The packaging features gold hardware and a beautiful floral pattern which is actually fabric. The only thing that I think could have made this packaging a little more high-end is if the lipgloss and lipstick didn’t have that seam that completely sticks out where the fabric is stitched.

I know a lot of people often talk about or write about how they missed out on pieces from MAC collections and are totally bummed out. I’m not an expert or anything, but in the past few years I have been really lucky in being able to get what I want from these collections so I thought I would end this post with a few tips of how I do it.

First, like I mentioned above, most of the time MAC releases pictures of their upcoming collections way in advance and the more well-known beauty bloggers/YouTubers usually get promo packages before the release. What I like to do is look for these reviews and/or first-look type posts (Temptalia is my go-to!) and make note of what I want from the collection. Because MAC comes out with so many collections I don’t buy many pieces, at most 3 usually, of things I really want. And of course, I don’t buy things from every collection, but just the ones that really appeal to me (for example, there is an Ellie Goulding Holiday Collection coming out in December that looks great so far!). So, I make note of what I really want to get from the collection.

Next, I keep an eye out for the release date. Often times, the collection will be announced in advance but without an actual release date. For example, I know Ellie Goulding’s collection will be for the holidays but I don’t know when exactly. And as any MAC lovers know, the release date is incredibly important because these collections sell out quick. As soon as the release date is made public, I make a note of it in my calendar. Finally, the morning of the release I will stalk out the MAC page! Usually by the time I arrive at work the items are up on the website and since I already know what I want I can quickly add the items to my cart and checkout!

So there you have it! My little Guo Pei haul and my tips on how to get your hands on these quick to sell out items.

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