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Benefit POREfessional Primer

I don’t know about you, but it takes me forever to get through primers. Maybe it’s because usually a little goes a long way and normally you just want to put a thin layer on. I recently finally finished up my Maybelline Babyskin primer and while I enjoyed that one, I’m always up for trying new products. A primer that people always mention is Benefit’s POREessional. The product description says, “Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.” So does it live up to the high praises I often hear about it?

Benefit Porefessional

I’ve been using this primer for about 2 weeks now which I feel like is a good amount of time to share my thoughts on it. It definitely does a good job of minimizing the look of pores and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t dried out my skin or clung to/accentuated any dryness. One thing that is a little weird about this primer is that it sinks in immediately. I’m so used to primers that either feel like a moisturizer or feel gel/silicone-like. This product is a light brown/neutral skin-toned color. As soon as you put it on your face and start to rub it in, it has already sunk in. This is good and bad. Good because it feels weightless and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything. This is also why it’s bad – well maybe “bad” isn’t the right word, more like something I’m not crazy about. It absorbs into your skin so fast that it feels like you’re not wearing anything so it can make you question whether it’s really going to do the job since you can’t feel anything.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this primer and I understand all the hype. I like the way my makeup looks with it. I haven’t experienced any bad effects such as dry patches or my makeup slipping and sliding.

Have you ever tried POREfessional?

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  • NattyB

    I also felt porefessional was a bit different than most primers. I understand why people like it but for me I wouldn’t say works extremely well as I have an oily t-zone which is where I would apply this kind of product and find it slips a bit. Maybe I’m not doing something right? I also quite like the maybelline baby face. Thanks for sharing this review 😊

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