A Very Fall Snack

Quick post for you guys this evening. Recently, I put together a little snack for myself while I settled in for my favorite seasonal guilty pleasure – cuddling under a blanket on the couch to watch some holiday Hallmark Channel movies!

This quick snack uses 2 ingredients that are quintessentially fall and combining them created the perfect fall snack! I love chestnuts. I’ve loved them since I was a little kid and my dad would roast them either in our fireplace or put them in the oven. I also love pumpkin seeds. Now, these chestnuts weren’t roasted at home – they were store bought, pre-cooked. The pumpkin seeds were also store bought (de-shelled and organic) since I didn’t carve my pumpkins this year.

DSCF2116 copy

DSCF2117 copy

DSCF2118 copy

DSCF2119 copy

This was a snack that just came to mind randomly. I had chestnuts and pumpkin seeds on hand and thought to myself that the two together would make a pretty fall-flavored snack. I did put aΒ few too many pumpkin seeds in the bowl though. I guess I got picture happy and kept wantingΒ to add more! Nevertheless, this snack was very yummy and healthy!

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